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White New York and some bogus text messages

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 20, 2009

When we left the United Nations, it was snowing outside. Can you believe this? We expected a white New Year’s Eve festival in New York! Here is the proof:

2008-12-31_15-08-57-christmas-trip-4623 2008-12-31_15-14-12-christmas-trip-5146
2008-12-31_15-15-33-christmas-trip-5147 2008-12-31_15-18-44-christmas-trip-5150

Unfortunately though, the snow did not stay very long as there was salt around everywhere. The only place where we still saw some white surface the next day was Central Park.

When the sky cleared up again, we were getting hungry. Although we had already seen Italian cars, we  went to Little Italy in Lower Manhattan. Our guidebook told us about some nice restaurants in that neighborhood. As most places only sold pasta, it took us some time until we finally found a very nice (but still affordable) restaurant where we could get Italian pizza. Yammi :-).

2008-12-31_16-31-25-christmas-trip-4626 2008-12-31_16-39-37-christmas-trip-5167 2008-12-31_16-40-34-christmas-trip-5169

Back in our hotel we prepared ourselves for the upcoming New Year party. Mila used my American cell phone to send some text messages to friends in Germany when it was 12 o’clock midnight in Europe. I could not do this as I did not copy my phone book to this temporary cell phone. Anyway, the reason to tell you about those text messages. Actually, there are two reasons.

  1. at&t charges me only $0.20 for text messages to Europe. That is just the same as I pay for text messages within the US. I like that :-).
  2. I get a short billing message after every call and after every text message. It tells me how much the previous connection cost. Since the German telecommunication network obviously was overloaded again, some of the text messages were not delivered in time. This resulted in a bunch of funny billing messages on my cell phone: Just before every delivery attempt, $0.20 were deduced from my prepaid card. However, when some of the delivery attempts failed, those $0.20 were restored. In that case I got the message “The last transaction cost -0.20 USD.” ;-).
    After some random time the delivery attempts were repeated, so I got many unexpected booking messages to my cell phone within the next hours. Regarding my account balance, it seems all messages have been delivered in the end.



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