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January 2009 car sales in Europe

Posted in Europe by Ulf on February 24, 2009

volkswagen-scirocco_2009_1600x1200_wallpaper_01The Frankfurter Rundschau published some statistics on the car sales in Europe for January 2009. You’ll find it here. These are a few of their numbers. In brackets you’ll find how this relates to January 2008:

Germany: 189,385 (-14.2%)
France: 149,372 (-7.9%)
Great Britain: 112,087 (-30.9%)
Italy: 157,418  (-32.6%)
Austria: 19,010 (-13.1%)
Poland: 26,800 (-5.3%)
Latvia: 454 (-77.5%)
Iceland:  170 (-88.1%)

If I’m right, then Latvia and Iceland are also the only European countries so far where the government had to resign due to the crisis. Seems like the car sales correlate very well with the state of an economy…

As I said, more numbers can be found here.


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  1. […] reason is simple: Some months ago I stole an image of an Volkswagen Scirocco when I wrote about the 2009 car sales in Europe. But my readers seem to be more interested in the image next to the numbers in that blog […]

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