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NYC: A few words about Wolcott Hotel

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 24, 2009

2009-01-01_08-21-41-christmas-trip-4663For the night from December 31st to January 1st we had a hotel instead of a hostel. This was roughly twice as expensive, but a hotel is also more comfortable than a hostel. Therefore it was no surprise that we had two TV sets, a Nintendo video game console and so on.

However, the hotel had some other surprises for us. Basically it all boils down to some very stupid plumbers.

The first impression I got when entering the room was that some gas was leaking out. No, not the smell, just the sound. It turned out that it was the venting of the heating. We’ve been in one of the hotel‘s top floors which might explain this. Okay, nothing to worry about too much (in fact,  I could sleep very well, so it can’t have been too loud after all).

The next surprise was the toilet. When we used the flush for the first time (luckily only after urinating), it turned out to be clogged. Well, we called the front desk, and they sent someone over for solving it. He came within 10 minutes and freed the sink. Not a real problem no more.

But the toilet kept causing problems: After I used it, the flush wouldn’t stop rinsing water. It turned out that one has to move the flushing knob up a little bit after having pushed it down. This is something I usually don’t do. The toilets I normally use will only require pushing the knob down. But after all, this was no big deal.

Still, the toilet kept surprising me. I think Mila was the first one to use the toilet in the next morning. Nothing special. Alex was the second one, and still everything was normal. However, when I used the toilet, I had quite a strange feeling. There was hot air coming from below! Urrgh. This is really an very abnormal feeling. So, what happened? They used hot water for the toilet flush. What the heck? But obviously: Mila still used the cold water for flushing, and when Alex’ flushed, the warm water entered the bowl. Anyway. This was a stupid waste of energy, but it did not cause any problems to us.

Afterwards, I was the first one who wanted to take a morning shower. Well, guess what happened. There was hot water coming from the cold water line. And there was hot water coming from the hot water line as well! It was much to hot for taking a shower, so I had to put some water into the tub and let it cool down (while opening the bathroom window and stirring the water). I decided to put just about 3 inches of water into the tub to make sure it could cool down quickly. Anyway, it was still very hot when I finally cleaned myself. Arghs. I did not like this! Luckily, we wanted to stay here only for this night, so Alex and Mila took their showers in the evening. Not in a hotel, but once again in a hostel.

But I must say that I really liked the breakfast in Wolcott Hotel!

EDIT: When I checked my Blog Stats today, I saw that I got quite some visitors from mail.wolcott.com. Seems like they send a link to this blog post around. It’s nice that they care about how their customers think about their hotel! I like that! Wolcott people, feel free to comment on our observations!


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  1. Din Mor said, on February 24, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    echt heiße Adresse!

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