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Central Park, Harlem and the Bronx

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 25, 2009


Our first discovery in 2009 was a set of American Airlines banners. Many of them said “Mila” :-). Our second discovery were a bunch of strange houses. They reflected the high land costs in Manhattan. If you think the house on the left-hand side picture is small, just look at the house on the right-hand side picture! I guess they will manage to build a house with the ground area of a straight line or a dot — which is no area at all! Once they manage to construct such a house, they won’t have to care about the land prices anymore!

2009-01-01_10-28-03-christmas-trip-5287 2009-01-01_10-29-18-christmas-trip-5292

We did not really walk through NYC to see strange buildings, but instead we wanted to see Central Park. So here it is! And as I promised earlier on, there was snow in Central Park (although it was just a very thin layer). If you look at the following pictures very carefully, you’ll even find a little castle :-).

2009-01-01_11-44-06-christmas-trip-4666 2009-01-01_11-47-14-christmas-trip-4667 2009-01-01_11-57-05-christmas-trip-5315 2009-01-01_11-59-13-christmas-trip-4673 2009-01-01_12-04-10-christmas-trip-5336 2009-01-01_12-20-01-christmas-trip-5348 2009-01-01_12-22-14-christmas-trip-4674 2009-01-01_12-22-24-christmas-trip-4675 2009-01-01_12-33-20-christmas-trip-5364 2009-01-01_12-36-12-christmas-trip-4677 2009-01-01_12-36-32-christmas-trip-4679

In German, there is a saying called “Etwas auf die lange Bank schieben”. A direct translation would be “push something onto the long bench”, and it means “putting something into cold storage”, like not doing something at this time. Mila took the German saying quite literally:


There were a few more interesting things in Central Park. I did not know that John Lennon and Yoko Ono live in a place called “Dakota” right next to Central Park. Well, today, only Yoko Ono lives there because John Lennon was shot at this place.

There are even some strawberry fields near by in Central Park. The Strawberry Field from the song however, is in Liverpool. And in fact, it isn’t even a strawberry field but a children’s home.

2009-01-01_12-48-28-christmas-trip-4683 2009-01-01_12-55-30-christmas-trip-5371

After we left Central Park and walked through Manhattan again, I figured out that I missed the trees. Therefore I was quite happy when I found one:


In the evening we went to the Bronx. This is how it looks:

2009-01-01_20-00-02-christmas-trip-4690 2009-01-01_20-00-46-christmas-trip-4693 2009-01-01_20-00-14-christmas-trip-4691

Okay, way to boring. We’ve been in the Bronx for 5 or 6 minutes, and we did not see a single murder (neither first nor second degree).  Therefore we tried Harlem. There they’ve at least had a “Malcom X Blvd” :-). But it was also a safe place, so we decided to go to a restaurant and get a nice dinner.

2009-01-01_20-18-13-christmas-trip-4700 2009-01-01_21-36-47-christmas-trip-4703 2009-01-01_21-38-17-christmas-trip-4706


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  1. Tommy said, on February 25, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Hey, in #4690, isn’t that one of those mean little boxes that take pictures of you
    when you look hideous and you’re driving a tiny little 30mph too fast?! … 0:-)

  2. Ulf said, on February 25, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    YES! They have them even in da Bronx!
    But it doesn’t really matter if you look hideous or not since the pictures are taken from the back.

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