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Three things that you have to do in NYC.

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 26, 2009

Every NYC visitor has to:

  1. Go shopping.
  2. Visit all five neighborhoods of New York.
  3. Walk over Brooklyn Bridge.

Well, we obviously made these up, but anyway we decided that this is what we wanted to do on January 2nd, 2009.

pea_pod2009-01-02_10-23-39-christmas-trip-5408We started at Macy’s. They have their headquarters in NYC, so we went to the “real” Macy’s. It might be the largest store of the world.

However, Mila lead us directly into the maternity fashion section. They called it “a pea in the pod”. Nice euphemism, but still this was not the right place for me ;-).

Therefore I decided to go over to the next thing on my list: Seeing all neighborhoods. We had already been in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. We were almost done, but the largest one was still missing! So I took a subway to Queens. Although Queens is the largest neighborhood, they don’t have the largest dump of the world. That one is in Staten Island. Anyway, the subway was not going underground, so I could see Queens while driving through it! Great!

2009-01-02_11-13-56-christmas-trip-4710 2009-01-02_11-21-23-christmas-trip-4711

The little notice in the window however should have prepared me for how it looked like near the final station: I ended up in another China town ;-).

2009-01-02_11-44-27-christmas-trip-4713 2009-01-02_11-44-52-christmas-trip-4714

Having seen this, I decided to go to another place which I had seen during the subway ride. There was a Titan II rocket at the horizon, and a metal sphere close to it. Do you also find the Titan II on the left-hand side picture?

2009-01-02_11-59-58-christmas-trip-4715 2009-01-02_12-05-40-christmas-trip-4718 2009-01-02_12-09-06-christmas-trip-4721

When I walked there, I realized that a smaller rocket was standing next to the Titan II, which was an Atlas: I arrived at the NY Hall of Science. And right next to it was the place where they have the US Open, but I was more interested in the Unisphere in front of it (you’ll find it in the 3rd picture above).

On my way back I focused on the cars they had in Queens: One parked in the wrong place when they wanted to clean the road, another one had fancy alloys on a rear axis with tiny and ugly drum brakes, and a third one had a funny number plate :-). And there was a very space-saving parking slot. Not very convenient for the people in the back, though.

2009-01-02_12-10-47-christmas-trip-4722 2009-01-02_12-12-19-christmas-trip-4723 2009-01-02_12-13-19-christmas-trip-4724


When I returned, I arrived in lower Manhattan. Therefore I took three photos which we forgot to take a few days before: In Battery Park they have “The Sphere” which was found among the debris of the WTC. And along the way to the Wall Street, there are two animals. A large Panda bear, and a golden bull. The Panda bear is always there, but some say that the bull will disappear once the Dow Jones Index drops below 7000 points. We were lucky, the bull was still there in early January.

2009-01-02_13-07-04-christmas-trip-4726 2009-01-02_13-11-16-christmas-trip-4732 2009-01-02_13-12-57-christmas-trip-4735

When I joined Alex and Mila again, they were in an “Old Navy” shop in Soho. You can compare this one to an H&M, but the prices were ridiculously cheap: I spent about $30, and I got a pair of trousers, a pullover, one or two polo shirts and some flip-flops. I hope that this were only their post-christmas discounts. If their normal prices would be in that area, well, then I should feel sorry for the Asian children who were sewing those clothes together…


After our shopping tour, we went to an Wendy’s restaurant an got us something to eat. I still haven’t tried their tripple-burger yet, but the Baconater is also great!

2009-01-02_16-49-48-christmas-trip-4744 2009-01-02_16-49-42-christmas-trip-4743 2009-01-02_16-49-59-christmas-trip-4745

After dinner we did the last thing on our “To do” list: We walked over Brooklyn bridge. It offers an amazing view! Absolutely astonishing! I even thought that this could be a great place if I spend another New Year’s Eve in NYC :-). (Although it was already very cold when we walked over the bridge, and that was still at 7pm…)

2009-01-02_18-46-51-christmas-trip-4753 2009-01-02_18-52-38-christmas-trip-4757 2009-01-02_18-55-05-christmas-trip-4758
2009-01-02_18-59-34-christmas-trip-4761 2009-01-02_18-48-01-christmas-trip-4755

In the subway train which took us back to our Hostel, we learned about the global warming:

  • “Climate Change is organized by the American […], in collaboration with Abu Dhabi […].”
  • “Climate Change is proudly presented by Bank of America.”
  • “Major support has also been provided by The Rockefeller Foundation.” (the Rockefellers are the family behind the Standard Oil Corp.)


PS: Somewhere in this blog post, there is the Statue of Liberty. Do you find it?


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