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East coast trip is over!

Posted in East coast trip, Newark, University stuff by Ulf on February 28, 2009

Finally, this will be the last post about our east cost trip. It only took me a month to write about a 12-days journey. Maybe I should already write my diaries during my trips and not afterwards ;-).

After we left Philadelphia, we headed down to Newark. I showed Mila and Alex how our lab looks like, and Mila immediately tried one of our experiments for disabled children: a baby wheelchair. I really wonder how she fitted into the child’s safety seat which was mounted on top of it:


EDIT: I figured out why she fitted into the child’s seat: Obviously, it was made for American children!

When we were in Newark, we also went shopping. This time my timing was quite good, so I managed to take a picture which I wanted to show you ever since I’m in Newark: They have water pipes in the veggies section and spray it ever few minutes! Have you ever seen this before? I haven’t. The computers in the shop however did not work so well:

2009-01-03_16-48-46-christmas-trip-4825 2009-01-03_17-09-49-christmas-trip-4826

The next morning was a Sunday, so we had to find a church for Mila. Since Mila speaks Spanish and likes the Hispanic service, we decided to join my room mate Alvaro who took us to the church in Wilmington. The service was quite different this time. They were using all the instruments this time, including the drums. It was very much like on a rock concert (which made it hard for me to take the whole thing serious). The pastor gave his speech only in Spanish this time, but there was a translator for those who only speak English. During the Spanish phases I tried to translate the previous English sentence to German, which turned out to be really a tough job! I was already happy if I managed to find the right words, but putting them into an grammatically correct order was virtually impossible.

2009-01-04_10-03-21-christmas-trip-4828 2009-01-04_10-09-10-christmas-trip-4829

After we had quick lunch, Alex and Mila left Newark again and drove to Atlanta. If have no idea what they did on that trip, so wel’ll have to look at Pingu’s blog.


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