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Obama … some DVDs and a Facebook account

Posted in Europe, Forreign blogs, USA by Ulf on March 7, 2009

dvdWhen I surfed some foreign blogs a few minutes ago, I ran across this one. Seems like Barack Obama gave a DVD collection to Gordon Brown during his official visit. Pranav didn’t like this gesture, nor did the British press.

I like what Obama did. Of course, a DVD collection doesn’t seem to be really meaningful when you first look at it. But what the hell shall I do with another pen holder? That’s totally useless. I can’t tell why Obama gave a DVD collection to Gordon Brown, but I would prefer the DVDs to the pen holder. And it also shows that our governments should not make valuable gifts in these days. I’m sure Obama spent less money from the American tax payers on his gift than Brown did.

When I was surfing, these two were other links I liked.

And I spent some more minutes on Pranav’s blog. I really like it, there are many funny things around :-).


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  1. Pranav said, on March 8, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Thanks Ulf :)

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