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A chat with Pingu

Posted in Forreign blogs by Ulf on March 8, 2009

maja_pinguinI just had a short chat with Pingu. I want to mention three things:

  1. Yes, we both need way more than an hour to write our blog posts (on average, this one only took me little more than 10 minutes.)
  2. http://www.zeit.de/online/2009/04/neusprech-schaeuble-lexikon?page=all
  3. It’s always nice to get feedback to blog posts. Luckily, I get pretty much feedback. For example, just a few minutes ago Susi complained that I did not mention her when I challenged Alex, Celine and Franzi to a kart race (Susi, I hope you know that I would like to have a race with you more than with any of the others!). However, Pingu is not so lucky.
    Dear readers of Pingu’s blog: Please write more comments, even though he doesn’t use WordPress and you need to solve a little captcha! He’ll enjoy it!

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  1. Anne said, on March 11, 2009 at 1:40 am

    Well, Ulf.
    Think about it!
    You are a member of SigmaTauKappa! Our community never lets people down! So everybody enjoys comments on his/her blog ;)

    So keep blogging/ commenting!
    Since I have time to read and write again I enjoy it a lot!

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