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Snow in March

Posted in Newark by Ulf on March 8, 2009

Yes, it does exist. We had snow in March. And I really enjoyed it. This is how it looked like on Sunday, March 1st, when I went home:

This was pretty surprising for me since two days earlier the temperatures were still in the 60s. A temperature drop of 40°F in two days (about 20K) should be record-breaking, even for what we are used to in Newark. Anyway, on Monday the university was officially closed due to what they call “inclement weather”. Seems like they always shut down the university when it’s actively snowing. And this does not only mean that all classes are canceled, even the normal offices are closed.
Unfortunately I left my camera at home on this day, but the campus was really beautiful!

This is how Mulberry Road looked like on the next day:


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