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My return flight

Posted in Las Vegas to El Paso by Ulf on April 15, 2009

frontier_airlines-740489I’ve just decided to tell you about our trip through the Southwest in the wrong way. I’ll start with the day I returned to Newark, because I want to swear at Frontier Airlines.

But let’s begin in the morning. My day started with a great breakfast at Jack in the box. Most of their restaurants are in California, Texas, Arizona and Washington, so I went there because I was not sure if I would have another opportunity to try their food.


As you can see I tried a Burrito with ham and eggs inside. A great breakfast meal :-). Afterwards I went to El Paso airport and took a plane to Denver. It was nice to see White Sands and Albuquerque from the skies again. From the altitude of a propeller-driven plane you just see many more details on the ground :-).

2009-04-02_08-00-50-springbreak-7797-ulf 2009-04-02_12-38-17-springbreak-7826-ulf

Since I took a seat right next to one of the propellers, I was able to look at the variable angle of attack of the rotor blades. I assume that this was a constant-speed propeller (I think the Wikipedia page is not very accurate when it comes to the details of the control since it does not explain how the pilot chooses the amount of thrust, but at least the fundamental explanation should be fine).

  1. While we were still on the ground with a standstill engine, the blades were in a feather position. I guess that this is the result of a controller which wants to reduce the air drag in case of an engine failure while airborne.
  2. During flight the pitch was adapted to the air speed. We were quite fast on the second picture, so the propeller had to move a lot of air with each revolution. This high-torque pitch angle looks very much like the feather position from the first picture.
  3. During landing the blades were moved to a position which created the most drag and the least thrust, for obvious reasons.

2009-04-02_11-06-54-springbreak-7801-ulf 2009-04-02_11-32-40-springbreak-7813-ulf 2009-04-02_13-06-19-springbreak-7829-ulf

As you can see, I enjoyed the flight from El Paso to Denver. However, the flight from Denver to Philly was awful. The plane arrived 45 minutes late (Frontier claims that it was the weather in California, but I believe that they are lying since Andi says the weather in California was just fine). I could not connect to the WiFi at their gate, then the boarding took way too long and we finally departed about 1.5 hours behind schedule. The stewardesses were ugly, Frontier charges for everything on board (a bottle of water would have cost about $5 — I luckily brought my own) and the pilot managed to increase the delay to about 1:45h.

By the time I reclaimed my baggage all public transport from Philly to Delaware was long gone, so I had to pay $53 for a shuttle bus. A woman said that this would have been the first time she was disappointed by Frontier Airlines. Indeed, it was also the first time for me. Not only that, this was also the last time I was disappointed by Frontier Airlines.


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  1. steffi said, on April 15, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Are you sure you didn’t go with Ryanair? Almost everything you described above happens to me everytime I fly home with Ryanair. (Although they claim 95% of their flights are on time. On what time, btw?)

  2. […] Posted in St. Louis and Columbus by Ulf on June 21, 2009 You might remember that I don’t like Frontier Airlines. Here comes a better story! On my way from Philly to St. Louis I decided to go by NWA. They have a […]

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