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How does El Paso look?

Posted in Las Vegas to El Paso by Ulf on April 17, 2009

The first banner which I saw when I left ELP airport was this one:
2009-03-31_09-36-31-springbreak-7492-ulfNot a very friendly welcome, right? But it did not take long until I changed my mind and started to liked this town. There was a really friendly atmosphere in the air. Apropos air, this is what El Paso looks like from the air:
The whole city is very Mexican. That’s probably also what their whole economy is about: Near the border to Mexico their are millions of small shops selling all kinds of stuff. This one is a very good example. They sell toilet paper, handbags, children’s bikes and sunglasses just next to each other. And people go to these places :-).
Unfortunately, all these small shops sold roughly the same. But none of them sold postcards.
Well, one shop was a bit different. I’ve never seen so many girl’s butts at the same time ;-).

2009-03-31_15-32-54-springbreak-7575-ulf 2009-03-31_11-52-14-springbreak-7504-ulf

Four more (more or less) funny things about El Paso. This is what their University Tower looks like (University of Texas at El Paso, or UTEL):
2009-03-31_17-25-55-springbreak-7598-ulfAndreas said that every American university has a tower. Well… if you can simply call any normal building a “tower”, then he is right.

Three more funny things about El Paso. This is one of their municipal buildings. It’s the first time I saw a special “employee of the month” parking lot:

Two more funny things about El Paso. I ate at Church’s chicken, another one of the American fast food chains. I liked the food, of course. But I think their restrooms are simply nothing but a bad design:

2009-03-31_15-48-58-springbreak-7579-ulf 2009-03-31_16-03-29-springbreak-7585-ulf

Luckily I only went there for a wee, so I could laugh about the missing cabin around the toilet ;-).

Finally, two cop cars from El Paso. I’m not sure if they really consider the first one as a car, or more as a larger wheelchair which is supposed to be used to get from the building exit to your normal car.

2009-03-31_09-08-25-springbreak-7491-ulf 2009-03-31_17-30-26-springbreak-7599-ulf

The second picture shows an normal sized car. Unfortunately the parking lot wasn’t designed for normal sized cars.

@Tommy: Did you notice? There is no “like” in the title of this blog post :-).


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