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My second CAD drawing

Posted in University stuff by Ulf on April 24, 2009

You’ll probably remember that I created my first CAD drawings not long ago. Well, I wanted to find out how much I could do without following any kind of tutorial.
So, these are the three parts which I created:
robot1 robot2 robot3

I called them “foot”, “leg segment” and “torso”. But the third picture alone would reveal what I had in mind. So here it is! This is the first assembly I created on my own:

robot4 robot5

As you can see, the joints do actually work! That means that I can use the mouse to drag the leg segments around. Run, Robot, Run! :-)

There obviously is a reason behind my drawing humanoid robots: Varsha works on some models of the human walking mechanics. Her current visualization is still “preliminary”. Therefore we try to create a nice 3D model which she might make use of in future presentations.


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