52 States in 8 Months

Some search engine hits

Posted in Forreign blogs by Ulf on April 27, 2009

Some time ago a friend of mine (or maybe just one of her friends) published a list with search engine terms that were used to find her blog. At that time this blog was still rather small, and I had no search engine hits at all.

Nowadays this has changed, Google really directs people to my blog (although they will most certainly not find what they’re looking for). These are a few of the Google terms that were used. For some of them, I don’t have any clue why Google (or any other search engine) would return a hit for my blog. Do you?

  • “automatic control” + wordpress
  • 52 states wikipedia
  • antidifferentation lecture
  • avocado de colombia
  • banana bread for surfers
  • big milk
  • big milk jugs
  • british airways cutlery
  • bundesadler
  • buy propylene glycol nicotine
  • car sales statistics
  • chinese food
  • evoting germany
  • german electronic vote
  • harlem
  • harlem bronx
  • google-birthday-doodles

  • how we got all 52 states of america
  • http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/facebook_survey
  • international spy museum
  • j fullsize 4dr
  • juergen ruettgers boston
  • karl-theodor maria nikolaus johann jacob
  • landesamt für besoldung baden württember
  • las vegas, new mexico
    (There is a Las Vegas in NM, but we visited the one in NV)
  • lbv kundenportal
  • lohnsteuerbescheinigung
  • lohnsteuerbescheinigung 2008
  • lohnsteuerbescheinigung usa
  • look new yorkais
  • monument valley
  • museum of art el paso tx building
  • natural logs
  • naturholz wikipedia
  • neuland mckinsey miami
  • nyc sights
  • propylene glycol
  • steffi graph
  • t1 el prat
  • things to do in nyc
  • weihnachten marchen
  • weihnachtskarten aus hawaii
  • why did electronic voting end
  • witham station
  • wordpress hawaiiphotobank

Additionally quite a few people google for “52 states in 8 months”, and I guess these are the only ones who really find what they are looking for. Now, having published this list, I’m afraid I’ll get even more random traffic of disappointed Google users.


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