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Posted in Europe, USA by Ulf on May 6, 2009

Germany. A Spiegel article pointed me to an interview with Ursula von der Leyen, or “Zensursula”. You can find it here. Now look at what she says roughly 3 minutes after the file starts:

“Wir wissen, dass bei den vielen Kunden, die es gibt, rund 80 Prozent die ganz normalen User des Internets sind. Und jeder, der jetzt zuhört, kann eigentlich sich selber fragen: Wen kenne ich, wer Sperren im Internet aktiv umgehen kann? Die müssen schon deutlich versierter sein. Das sind die 20 Prozent. Die sind zum Teil schwer Pädokriminelle. Die bewegen sich in ganz anderen Foren. Die sind versierte Internet-Nutzer, natürlich auch geschult im Laufe der Jahre in diesem widerwärtigen Geschäft.”

Mir fehlen die Worte. I think that I’m among the 20% internet users who know how to circumvent web filters, so our Zensursula publicly claims that I’m in a group of criminals. WTF??? Luckily she also admits that web filters can be easily circumvented by those criminals, which is one of the reasons why the proposed change to the Telemediengesetz should be dropped.

Germany. The petition against internet censorship in Germany is approaching 40,000 signatures (Edit: we have more than 40,000 now). Another 10,000 and the Bundestag will have to deal with it. Please sign it.

United States. The Washington Post writes that the servers of the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program were hacked, and about 35 million medical records of 8 million Virginians were stolen. Virginia has a population of about 7.6 million, so they have probably been storing data for quite some time, and you can now get the names and addresses of basically all Virginians along with their Driver License numbers, Social Security Numbers and so on. And the best thing about this: in Germany we’re also introducing the Elektronische Gesundheitskarte. The name might be a bit misleading since the data is stored centrally. Storing it only on the card doesn’t seem to be appropriate because cards might break or get lost. My guess is: The first large hacks will occur about 5 years after the eGK has been introduced. Unless we can stop the card, which would be the better solution.

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