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An update on Zensursula

Posted in Europe by Ulf on May 7, 2009

What’s going on with Zensursula right now?

The petition against the proposed changes to the Telemediengesetz will reach 50,000 proponents in a few minutes (estimates on twitter are near 0:55 German time).

The law has been discussed in the Bundestag for the first time. No major news. Our government says that Internet filtering is largely accepted in other countries. I just asked a Chinese office mate about this. His first answer was that most Chinese don’t care about the website blocking because there would always be a way to get around it. Then he added that he thinks that keeping children away from pornography is good (note: don’t mix this up with child porn). He said that it was annoying to access useful information such as Wikipedia some years ago, but that would have gotten better. Well, if there is always a way to get around those filters in China, then that might explain why the Chinese people largely accept webfilters.

Another representative from our government, Brigitte Zypris, gave a talk on a conference about the future of copyright laws. The possible extension of the currently discussed web filters was mentioned, but she didn’t give a clear statement.

Edit: The estimates were wrong. It’s 0:56 in Germany right now, and there are only 49943 signatures.
Edit: Now at about 1:40 German time there are 50,093 signers, so the Petitionsauschuss will deal with it. Next target: Let’s hope we find more than 128,193 people which would make it the largetst E-Petition in Germany so far. I’m not the only one to propose this. Go, click here! The NDR broadcasted a critical clip about our Zensursula. Go, watch it!


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