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Various facts on railroads

Posted in Europe, USA by Ulf on May 26, 2009

All this comes from Wikipedia, so it’s not verified.

In the 1930s, the United States had 260,000 miles of railroad tracks. Today it’s about 100,000 miles. In Germany we have about 40,000 km rails today. The total length of the German tracks peaked around 1910 with almost 60,000 km, but Germany was a bit larger in those days…

In Japan about 27% of all passenger transportation (excluding metro) is done by train. It’s 15% in Switzerland, almost 8% in Germany and 0.3% in the United States. In fact the Swiss travel 2,120km per year and capita while the Germans do 910km and the Americans about 80km. Haha. However, the Americans transport 9,165 tons-kilometers per capita each year, while we only do 1,060 ton-kilometers per head.

The following map shows how the length of the railway system relates to the sizes of different countries:

If you want to see a rather meaningless map, click here.


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