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A “German” toy … actually Bavarian.

Posted in Europe by Ulf on May 29, 2009

My Korean office mate Ji-Chul once got a present from his father. It is a German toy which sings some song. Ji-Chul showed me the toy to find out what it says. Here it is:

I mog di.
I hab di so gern.
Holadaittijo …


Wow, it took me quite some time to fully understand it. And actually I even had to ask a Bavarian friend of mine, Christine, about the second word. I always understood “Zottzel”, but that word didn’t make much sense for her. And she should know ;-). That’s why we’ve decided that the toy says “Spozal” (Liebling). The toy’s dress is called a “Lederhose”, and the song it sings in the end doesn’t have any text, it’s yodeling. All these words are so very unfamiliar to me …

Christine and I have decided that the Korean must have bought it on an Oktoberfest :D. Sounds like fun!
Thank you, Christine, for helping me with the translations!

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