52 States in 8 Months

Graham Hughes’ videos :-)

Posted in Forreign blogs by Ulf on June 1, 2009

I’m following the adventures of Graham Hughes closely. He is trying to visit every country on this planet within this year. Sounds simple, right? But he may not fly and he may not drive — what makes the whole thing a bit more complicated.

While he traveled through South America he published a lot of great videos. Unfortunately the Odyssey videos are offline at this time (since he signed some contract which gives him a job…). Some good news: He said that his videos will come back around July 1, there is a lot of content on his YouTube channel (e.g. videos about a trip to Serbia) and he has just released this intermediate video:

This is where Graham lists some more facts on why we should support WaterAid, and this is where you can donate.

If you’re looking for recent news from Graham, look at how he makes his way through Africa and read his twitters. Actually, Africa seems to be a place where you need quite some experience as a traveler to get around. His Mauritania Disaster sounds boring compared to his latest Twitter news: “Ifthis Twitter feed doesn’t get updated by0500GMT on Thursday morning, send a search party. I’ll be somewhere between Cape Verde and Dakar. Seriously” (he is on a 600 miles trip to Cape Verde and back in a little wooden boat with a bunch of African fishermen that don’t speak a word of English).

Graham, good luck!!


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  1. […] I tell you about Graham Hughes who just travels around this planet. Just few days ago I mentioned his trip to Cape Verde. He was a bit scared about that one. Actually, he was more scared about the trip itself then about […]

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