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Busted in Cape Verde

Posted in Forreign blogs by Ulf on June 6, 2009

250px-LocationCapeVerde.svgFrom time to time I tell you about Graham Hughes who just travels around this planet. Just few days ago I mentioned his trip to Cape Verde. He was a bit scared about that one. Actually, he was more scared about the trip itself then about Cape Verde, but now read this: He was arrested in Cape Verde on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. The Odyssey is really an adventure! Details are on twitter and in his blog section about Africa.

Update: There is press coverage on those “illegal immigrants”. The “Irish” guy from Liverpool is actually Graham who travels around the world and paid for this trip. It’s also in the British press. Here are some automatically translated Portuguese news articles. Also, his girlfriend keeps his Twitter updated.
Such a crap…

Update: Graham finally got a lawyer who speaks English. They’re in court at this time.

Final Update: Graham is free. I’m looking forward to read/watch his comments on that adventure! So far I have to rely on some newspaper from Liverpool.

I cannot mention this often enough: Good luck, Graham!


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