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My bike just isn’t giving up.

Posted in Newark by Ulf on June 8, 2009

I told you that some piece of my bike breaks apart every week. Right now it’s the left pedal.

Actually it never fell off while driving, but the screw became loose a couple of times. If that happens you’ll notice that the pedal slowly gets wobbly, so you have plenty of time to stop or to use only the second one to pedal.

Now, fixing this screw with normal force works for less than a mile. On Saturday I tried to screw it very tightly which worked for about 40 miles. Yesterday I once again used all the force which my arms can give. Now let’s see how long it withstands…

Edit: A few days ago a friend taught me the expression “to be on the fritz”. It means “being broken”. With a lot of respect of its endurance I’ll call my bike “Fritz” from now on.


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