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Publishing books online — good or bad?

Posted in Uncategorized by Ulf on June 15, 2009

A few weeks ago there was a discussion about Google Books and similar services. Many authors signed the Heidelberger Appell, stating their discontent about digitalizing their books.

You know what? I believe they’re still living in the 20. century. A few days ago I bought two chapters from the tour book “Lonely Planet USA”. That worked just fine, and Lonely Planet even distributes their PDFs without any digital copy protection nonsense (that means that I could make print-outs my two chapters).

Today I decided that I want to read “Das Klimasystem und seine Modellierung” (Storch, Güss, Heimann) again. I’ve read that book before. I either borrowed it from some library in Germany, or I’ve actually bought it. Anyway, I don’t have it with me here in Delaware, so I looked it up on Google Books. I could access the first 24 pages, afterwards I got this message:


My conclusion:
Google Books is nothing more or less than any other book store. Book stores also let you read a couple of pages before you buy a book. Oh, the difference is of course that Google doesn’t sell the books themselves, they just give the direct links to the publisher as well as a number of real book stores.


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