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Our car had its own mind in Monument Valley

Posted in Las Vegas to El Paso by Ulf on June 16, 2009

When we arrived in the Monument Valley, we were shocked. In front of us would be one of the most famous landscapes of the United States, and we found ourselves in a snow storm!
2009-03-26_11-17-46 Springbreak 6753 Ulf
We were desperate. What a mess! Our only choice was to find some restaurant, eat some burgers and hope for the best! We found a nice small restaurant in a desert village and ordered everything they had on they menu. It was really great!

2009-03-26_11-50-05 Springbreak 6760 Ulf 2009-03-26_12-24-04 Springbreak 6763 Ulf

And guess what happened? The skies cleared and offered great views of the magnificent landscape we were looking for. It’s unbelievable how lucky we were with the weather!
2009-03-26_13-22-39 Springbreak 6769 Ulf
But we were not the only ones who enjoyed this place. In fact our car liked this place so much, it wanted to drive all alone:

Here are some more pictures of our car. Oh, do you remember this blog post?

2009-03-26_13-27-52 Springbreak 6771 Ulf 2009-03-26_13-53-35 Springbreak 60369 Matthias 2009-03-26_13-57-11 Springbreak 6786 Ulf
2009-03-26_13-57-43 Springbreak 6788 Ulf 2009-03-26_14-20-23 Springbreak 6801 Ulf 2009-03-26_14-49-22 Springbreak 6820 Ulf

2009-03-26_14-38-29 Springbreak 6808 Stitch
2009-03-26_14-45-39 Springbreak 6816 Ulf-stitched

Actually we were in some kind of a park which is run by the Native Americans. For the entrance fee they gave us a road map with the names of all these mountains. It turned out that the road map wasn’t too much of a help: We lost track of where we were immediately after the first off-road driving. And since we didn’t really know where we were, we also couldn’t tell the names of all the mountains. With one exception: The mountain that consists of fine sticks, it’s called “The three sisters”. You’ll find it on the fifth picture in the previous block, the one in the center of the bottom row.

Here are some more pictures of the area. It’s simply astonishing!

2009-03-26_15-10-49 Springbreak 6837 Ulf 2009-03-26_13-24-47 Springbreak 1130387 Paul 2009-03-26_13-32-13 Springbreak 6773 Ulf
2009-03-26_14-53-18 Springbreak 60379 Matthias 2009-03-26_15-03-58 Springbreak 6833 Ulf 2009-03-26_15-09-37 Springbreak 1130451 Paul

Near Monument Valley there was one more place that I really wanted to see: It’s the Mexican Hat. The name says everything about this rock. Well, at least about the rock itself. The name doesn’t explain why there is a rear axle of a car laying around:

2009-03-26_15-56-40 Springbreak 1130474 Paul 2009-03-26_15-52-34 Springbreak 6838 Ulf

After leaving the Mexican Hat we went further north in Utah. Our next destination: The Goosenecks State Park. I can probably best describe it by showing a satellite picture (click the link!). This is how it looks like if you stand in front of it. Amazing!
2009-03-26_16-13 Stitch

Similarly amazing is the cattle that lives in this place. I really wonder how they survive (what do they drink?). The whole landscape looks really empty in the South West, but it isn’t. It’s just very sparsely populated — both with men and with animals:
2009-03-26_16-26-09 Springbreak 1130483 Paul
A few minutes later the road took us directly to a cliff. At first we were not sure how we would get up there (without leaving the car behind), but it turned out that they do have a road. Good for us. Andi, is this the place where you claim that my speed was about 4-8 times over the speed limit? Might well be that you’re right :-). It’s really a fun road! Unfortunately, as a driver, I didn’t have that much time to look at the great landscape :-(.

2009-03-26_16-33-48 Springbreak 1130487 Paul 2009-03-26_16-35-41 Springbreak 1130491 Paul
2009-03-26_16-38-12 Springbreak 1130497 Paul 2009-03-26_16-39-14 Springbreak 60401 Matthias

There was of course an important reason for our driving speed: We wanted to reach our last National Park for this day, and we had to drive through a snow storm before we arrived there. Two snow storms on one day? What was up with the weather?

2009-03-26_16-49-54 Springbreak 1130505 Paul 2009-03-26_17-08-44 Springbreak 1130507 Paul

(There are about 15 minutes between these to pictures!)

Our last destination was the “Natural Bridges National Monument“. We were the only visitors in that park, for a simple reason: Most of the bridges didn’t really look good at this time of day — you just don’t want to go there just before sunset. Many of our pictures look really boring, therefore I’ll only show you the pictures of the Owachomo Bridge (and two pictures of the magnificent landscape):

2009-03-26_17-35-54 Springbreak 6850 Ulf 2009-03-26_17-53-46 Springbreak 6855 Ulf

2009-03-26_18-26-53 Springbreak 1130524 Paul

Do you notice the two strangers on the bridge? How can they go there? That is not allowed!!!
Andi was really terrified that the bridge might crash under their weight, therefore he helped out as a temporary pylon:
2009-03-26_18-17-03 Springbreak 6857 Ulf

Oh, and if you want to know how such a bridge looks from the top, we somehow got this picture ;-).
2009-03-26_18-21-48 Springbreak 1130523 Paul


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  1. Din Mor said, on June 16, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Tolle Landschaft, schöne Bilder. WAs habt Ihr doch für schöne Ausflüge gemacht!

  2. Mascha said, on June 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    amazing darling!

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