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I got the flag! Revisited!

Posted in Newark by Ulf on June 17, 2009

Some weeks ago I told you about the federal flag which I bought from Senator Tom Carper. I mentioned that every American would need a flag. Well, so does every Delawarean!

So, how did I get this flag? Well, the answer was already in my posting about the federal flag: I met John Kowalko during the Newark Nite about one and a half weeks ago. I was already a bit drunk, therefore I had enough courage to ask him for a flag. Well, it worked! :-)
I believe it was on Friday when John called me: He got a flag for me! And I even got a certificate which says that a Corporal and a Officer of the Delaware Capitol Police have flown it over the State Legislation building last Thursday. Thank you, everyone!

Just a few more words about John Kowalko: He really is a nice guy! People in Newark, if you haven’t done so yet, walk over and talk to him. He used to work as a machinist in one of the petroleum plants I saw near Delaware City (I believe I haven’t told you about that bike trip yet, that will hopefully appear later on in this blog). As a State Representative he focuses on the installation of an off-shore wind turbine park near … I believe it was Rehoboth Beach in southern Delaware. I believe that this is a very good thing! The US have the amazing advantage that most major cities are located close to the shoreline. This is the place where you want to install wind power plants. John’s long-term goal is to have 80% of all Delaware electricity to come from sustainable sources. Besides the flag, John also gave me a little sticker, saying “Embrace Wind”. Yeah! :-)

(Oh, talking about flags: my Basque room mate Iñaki gave me a Basque flag. I’ll use it to defend my future office against any Spanish Conquistador who dares to come *g*)


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  1. Martin said, on June 17, 2009 at 11:15 am

    ROFL LOL, sehr geil.
    Aber sag mal Ulf, gibts in America kein Fast Food mehr? Du erweckst den Eindruck immer noch so schlank zu sein, wie als ich dich das letzte mal gesehen habe. ;) (Tommy ich hoffe dich freut die Grammatik in dem Satz :) ) (Aber auf der anderen Seite versteckst du hinter den Fahnen elgant den Bauch, ob das absicht ist? O:) )

  2. Ulf said, on June 17, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Ich war hier in den USA mal auf 145lbs oder so runter, mittlerweile wiege ich wieder ueber 160lbs. Ich hab in letzter Zeit zu viel Urlaub gemacht –> dann esse ich immer Fast Food und mache keinen Sport.

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