52 States in 8 Months

Why 52 states?

boy_planeDuring my time in the US I’ll try to see as many states as I can. My original aim was “52 States”. That’s the 50 US states plus Germany and the UK (because I took a plane from Stuttgart to London before flying to Philly). So now you know where this blog got it’s name from.

On this page I’ll try to keep a little list of the states which I’ve seen so far. Please note that that there is one rule which simplifies things for me: “Flying over a state counts as seeing it.” I would not be able to do it without this simplification ;-).

europe_flightSo, as I was told in November, I already saw some states during me flight to the US. These are: Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Canada and Greenland. And maybe even Luxembourg. I’ll have to check that. So these are the first seven (or eight) states which I’ve seen even before entering the US!
As our plane approached Philadelphia, we went over Massachusetts and Rhode Island before we passed New York and New Jersey. We landed in Pennsylvania and I drove to Delaware, so these are additional six US states which I’ve seen on the first day. I went to Maryland pretty soon, so that’s another one.

In December 2008 I made two trips: one took me to Miami, the other one to Maui. I’ve really seen many states during those flights!
I touched the ground of Florida, Georgia and Hawaii. The planes took me over Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and South Carolina. I counted 19 states here! That’s amazing!

In the seasonal holidays in the end of 2008 we did a small road trip which started in Atlanta. We went through many states that I had seen earlier, but a few new ones were among them: Kentucky, West Virginia, the District of Columbia and the UN territory on the Manhattan island (yes, the last two were also not among the 52 states that I planned to see). This trip added another four states to my list.

52statesin8months_status_090403During spring break 2009 we did a road trip through the south west of the USA. We visited Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, but I’ve had seen all of them before from a plane. However, I also went to Mexico which is a new state on my list. However, the plane went over Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, and they all are new! This makes seven new states :-).

blog_newengland_tripIn April 2009 I joined my cousin on a short holiday through the New England states. We’ve started in New York, then we went to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. I had seen some of the New England states from the plane when I first arrived in the US, but now I’ve finally been to those places.

52statesin8months_status_090528My May holiday was an eco-friendly one. I used buses and trains to get around. Despite this I had way more than 8000km on the road (or the train track), and along the way I was in Delaware, Maryland, DC, Philadelphia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Six new states, yeah!

52statesin8months_status_090616_smallMy last domestic trip took me to St. Louis (Missouri) and Columbus (Ohio). I attended a conference and visited some relatives. I had been to those two states before, but the good news is: My flight from Philly to St. Louis had a stop in Detroit, Michigan. +1 state!

How many states have I seen so far? 7(+1?) + 6 + 1 + 19 + 4 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 1 = 54 (+1?)
That means: I saw even more than 52 states in 8 months :-)


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